The Powerscourt Arms Hotel then and now (2008). The Hotel has had a few names over its long history, but has been the Powerscourt Arms since at least the turn of the century. 29424 10150174688675038 2858382 nIn the 19th century, I think it was also called the Leicester Arms (one of the Lord Powerscourt's married the Duke/Lord Leicester's daughter) and on an undated map it is marked as Miller's Hotel (there was a mill nearby that was a ruin by the middle of the century).
Source: National Library by Michael Seery — with Bríonain Ní Bheacháin.

The town clock in Enniskerry Village. It is built on a shamrock platform. The building to the left and right were built in the early 1800's by Powerscourt, 29424 10150174686510038 7448001 nwho developed the village at the time from what was reportedly a fairly miserable place.
Source: National Library by Michael Seery — with Bríonain Ní Bheacháin.

Fire at Powerscourt Arms Hotel, 1894
The Powerscourt Arms Hotel had a significant fire which was well documented at the time in national media, including an article in the michael wogan Freeman’s Journal. Click the image to the right to download the full article. Source: by Michael Seery

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